Tickr-0.7.1 in Debian Bookworm (testing)

Aug 31 2021 -

Tickr-0.7.1 released, accepted in Debian Sid (unstable)

Aug 20 2021 -
(Thanks to Luca Falavigna :) )

Debian/Ubuntu amd64 and Windows 32-bit binary packages available. (More formats should follow soon ...)

New features and bug fixes:

- New clock_alt_date_form option: Use alternative date format, ie 'Mon 01 Jan' instead of 'Mon Jan 01'.
- A few things in tickr_http.c, tickr_feedpicker.c, help text and man page.
- In tick_prefwin.c, 'reset all settings' doesn't fully update Tickr appearance when reopening dialog (need 'apply'), so no more reopening.
- New function tickr_feepicker.c/check_and_update_feed_url() to simplify code. Help to fix segfaults in:
    - tickr_feepicker.c/add_feed_to_flnode_and_list_store()
    - tickr_feepicker.c/manage_list_and_selection()
    - tickr_opml.c/get_opml_selected_element()
  (LP: #1272129)
- Try to better document/comment tickr_http.c/fetch_resource(), which was a bit confusing.
- OPML import: feed URLs updated if moved-permanently redirects.
- Complete OPML export format: opml v = 2.0, has only text and xmlUrl attributes, for maximum comptability.
- Fix icon location in tickr.dektop.
- When sorting feed list (by url), now compare strings after ":", with get_url_beyond_scheme().
- In tickr_resource.c/format_resource_str(), no need to 'translate' html entities anymore, so some code removed. The issue was related to an old version of Libxml2.
- Remove testing type="rss" when importing OPML file in tickr_opml.c, plus other issues.
- We want command line args "--instance-id=" and "--no-ui" to be valid too (as are all other args and options) in tickr_main.c.
- Install tickr-icon.png also in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/

Tickr-0.7.0 in Debian Bullseye (testing)

Jun 22 2020 -

Tickr-0.7.0 in Ubuntu Groovy Gorilla (universe)

Jun 15 2020 -

Tickr-0.7.0 accepted in Debian Sid (unstable)

Jun 11 2020 -

Tickr-0.7.0 released

May 31 2020 - Upstream package uploaded to Debian/Ubuntu amd64 and Windows 32-bit binary packages available. (More formats should follow soon ...)

New features and bug fixes:

- Fix segfaults and *freeze* with FList's when adding invalid or unreachable URLs (in tickr_feepicker.c).
- Get correct link offsets with reverse scrolling.
- Fix compiling issues for win32 version.
- Fix incorrect visual display of bidi text with reverse scrolling. Will need more feedback anyways.
- Fix the flickering-every-500-ms issue on Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon, as well as the weird on screen square artifact, in tickr_main.c: update_win_dims_and_loc(), thanks to Trevor Hemsley contribution.
- Add time of OPML export (as a comment) in tickr_opml.c.
- In tickr_feedpicker.c, change
    "Enter (rank and) URL:"
to less confusing
    "New Feed  ->  Enter (rank and) URL:".
- Static global var shift_counter now member of TickerEnv struct.
- Fix no more functionnal check_for_updates() (https ? / website migration ?)
- Fix get_resource()->link_and_offset big issues.
- Fix segfaults in feed picker win -> add/update with unreachable or invalid URLs.
- Replace __FUNCTION__ with __func__ in all src files, to fix new -Wpedantic warnings about non-standard predefined identifiers in gcc5.
- Add donate button in about win.
- Fix many program startup issues.
- get_new_url() renamed manage_list_and_selection().
- Fix UTF-8 encoding related issues.
- Remove 'cutline-delimiter' param, not used/needed anymore.
- New params: 'clocksec', 'clock12h' and 'clockdate'.
- Now using logging macros from libetm.
- New 'connect-timeout' and 'sendrecv-timeout' CLI options are now settings (saved in config file). Add them in connection settings win.
- Add 'full settings' and 'connection settings' buttons in quick settings wins, and 'connection settings' button in full settings wins.
- New 'override_redirect' param (*very* experimental).
- Remove unusable 'fullscreen' param.
- Allow authentication username and proxy username to contain spaces.
- Try to fix flickering on Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon because of calling update_win_dims_and_loc() every 500 ms. Not working.
- New *experimental* 'fullscreen' param.
- Add HTTP status code 410: Gone.
- info_win_wait() renamed info_win_no_block(), which is less confusing, plus BLOCK/NO_BLOCK helpers for warning().
- Improved big_error() and warning().
- Fix a few reverse scrolling issues. Still a lot to do.
- Reload delay now up to 1440 mn = 24 h. 0 = never force reload. Actually, in multiple selections mode, all feeds are always reloaded sequentially, because there is no caching mechanism involved.
- Segfault signal (SIGSEGV) handling.
- Change 'sfpickercloseswhenpointerleaves' option name to 'sfeedpickerautoclose'.
- Change 'mousewheelscroll' option name to 'mousewheelaction'.
- Former "Preferences" dialog renamed to "Full Settings", and new easy setup dialog called "Preferences". Add tooltips. Also a few changes and fixes.
- New 'current feed' button in feed organizer. Also add tooltips.
- Find/use default browser on Linux.
- Add default response parameter to question_win() and set default responses.
- HTTPS support with GnuTLS.
- load_resource() -> load_resource_from_selection() (first name is confusing/not descriptive enough).
- New 'connect-timeout' and 'sendrecv-timeout' CLI only options, which override default timeout values, if proxy or slow internet link. Thanks to G4JC for his patch. (LP: #1475797)
- New 'dumperrorcodes' CLI arg.
- Now parse port numbers in URLs.
- Implement reverse scrolling (ie L to R) option.
- New 'dumpconfig' CLI arg.
- New libetm l_str_insert_at_b() function.
- In tickr_main.c: update_pixmap_from_opened_stream(), add
    if (resrc->fp != NULL)
    fseek(resrc->fp, 0, SEEK_SET);
to fix segfault when trying to open an invalid resource or a non-existing file from CLI.
- Improved libetm error hanling and new tickr_error.c/h modules.
- In check_main_win_always_on_top(), change:
    gtk_window_set_keep_above(GTK_WINDOW(env->win), BOOLEAN);
    gtk_window_set_keep_above(GTK_WINDOW(env->win), BOOLEAN);
    gdk_window_set_keep_above(GDK_WINDOW(env->win->window), BOOLEAN);
to (try to) fix always-on-top issues on some DE, like:
Need feedback to know if this actually makes a difference.
- Quick hack to fix remaining 1 pixel wide line when enabling then disabling left clock, because then vbox_clock/drwa_clock min size is still 1x1 (not 0x0) and is the first widget packed in main_hbox. So, when no clock is set, we make sure the 'empty clock widget' is always on the right side, ie we do: gtk_box_reorder_child(GTK_BOX(main_hbox), vbox_clock, 1)
- When adding a feed to the feed list, new option to force an invalid/unreachable one to be kept anyways.
- Add IS_FLIST() test in tickr_feedpicker.c: add_feed_to_flnode_and_list_store() to fix f_list_search() invalid node error, when trying to add one feed to an *empty* list. (LP: #1272129)
- New free_all() function to release all allocated memory before exiting.
- Fix maximizing feed organizer window doesn't expend scrolled window: gtk_box_pack_start(GTK_BOX(GTK_DIALOG(dialog)->vbox), sc_win, TRUE, TRUE, 0);
- Improved long strings formatting in info_win() with insert_newlines_if_too_long().
- Change g_remove() to g_unlink() because we deal only with files. Also add a silly hack to prevent issues with win32 appdata dir user permissions unholy mess.
- 'disable screen limits' option now applies to x position too.
- Add 'marked items' stuff in UI and params.
- Change function names in menu_item array from function_name2 to function_name0 because function_name0 are always called before function_name so using 2 is just confusing.
- A few changes in tickr_feedpicker.c (line 393).
- Fix 'disablepopups' option not effective on 'no-ui' option and allow 'no-ui' option to be effective if 1st *or* *2nd* arg.
- Fix a few build/compile issues on win32.
- Stream sockets API moved to libetm.
- New libetm 'zboolean' type.
- Not-working-as-expected and never-used win_with_spinner() stuff now commented out.
- Feed title / item title / item description pages removed (commented out) from quick setup.
- "Open Feed" in menu changed to "Feed Organizer" in tickr_main.c and "Feed Picker" window title changed to "Feed Organizer" in tickr_feedpicker.c.

May 31 2017 - I've just uploaded Tickr-0.7.0~beta3 sources package in Upstream unstable and binaries (Linux and win32) in Beta versions.
Please remember it's still *beta*, meaning there are a couple of bugs and issues not fixed yet. Hopefully, I should be able to complete final version shortly.
New features include: HTTPS support and REVERSE SCROLLING (ie left to right) option.
For everybody willing to test this version, all feedback is very welcome! ;)

Tickr-0.6.4 in Debian Jessie (testing)

Jun 6, 2013 -

Tickr-0.6.4 in Ubuntu Saucy Salamander (universe)

May 25, 2013 -

Tickr-0.6.4 released, uploaded to Debian Sid (unstable)

May 25, 2013 -
(Thanks to my Debian sponsor Luca Falavigna :) )

New features and bug fixes:

- In pref windows, some setting changes (like 'read n items per feed') need the stream to be reloaded, so now we use:
instead of:
- Fix 'quick feed picker (selected feeds) closes when pointer leaves win area' and implement it as a setting.
- In pref window, disabling screen limits updates win_y and win_w limits on the fly.
- Max options number now set to 128.
- Pref win changes:
    - remove 'system' colors buttons
    - increase gtk table row spacings
- If gradient bg set, compute text shadow color no longer from bg_color but from gradient.
- Quick feed picker (selected feeds) closes when pointer leaves win area. Plus: quick feed picker opened *also* by Ctrl + mouse right-click.
- Complete RSS 1.0 support (Closes: #688099) and fix/rewrite a few things in feed parser code.
- In tickr_feedparser.c: ending '\n' removed when adding string to XML_DUMP (left when adding string to XML_DUMP_EXTRA).
- Replace update_win_dims() with update_win_dims_and_loc() so that if ticker location happens to be wrong, it's always and quickly reset.
- Add RSS 1.0 (RDF) support.
- In tickr_main.c / main(), change:
    gtk_widget_set_size_request(env->win, 1, 1);
    gtk_window_resize(GTK_WINDOW(env->win), 1, 1);
to try to get rid of "ghost" square window at startup (but is this fully effective ?)
Also change:
    gtk_widget_set_size_request(env->win, 0, 0)
    gtk_widget_set_size_request(env->win, 1, 1)
in update_win_dims().
- In feed picker - multiple selection mode: start reading selection with highlighted feed - more exactly url in entry (if any) / first one otherwise.
- Remove (useless ?) app version number from exported OPML feed list title.
- Only a little editor issue - some editors get confused (geany colors get confused) by things like:
so now we put a space in between, like this:
    THIS_IS_A_#DEFINE "____string____"
- If win_w = 0, win_w = detected screen width (same as 'full width' but from command line).
- Fix xml namespaces issue in tickr_feedparser.c, when, for instance, 'media:title' exists along with 'title' and we then get 'title' twice. Now, we make sure no extra namespace is used before comparing strings with 'title', 'description', etc.
- Fix stupid bug in format_resource() 'translate html entities' when '&' alone is detected (ie without a following ';'). Also fix 'translating' numerical entities with leading '0' in value string.
- New option 'disablescreenlimits' which allows win_y and win_w to be greater than screen dimensions.
- A few default settings changed.
- Gradient bg.

Tickr-0.6.3 in Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (universe)

Feb 18, 2013 -

Tickr-0.6.3 released, uploaded to Debian experimental

Feb 9, 2013 -

- Note (again!): In case you're wondering, this version is in Debian experimental not because it's buggy or unstable, but because of Wheezy freeze period.

New features and bug fixes:

- Fix messy update_everything() function and add new update_pixmap_from_opened_stream() function, used in tickr_mainc.c and tickr_prefwin.c.
- All *string* values are now saved inclosed in a pair of " or '. (This avoid getting trailing whitespaces removed by some editors, and other weird things like that.) When read, enclosing " or ' are removed, so backward compatibility is preserved.
- install-on-win32 script renamed build-on-win32 (for accuracy sake.)
- Fix some confusion about win_transparency in tickr_param.c. Actually, double value from 0.1 to 1.0 inside program / int value from 1 to 10 inside config file or as command line argument.
- Fix settings import doing nothing (regression bug).
- In show_resource_info(), fix URL link and GTK label.
- Move and set:
    #define N_STR_MAX    8
    #define STR_MAXLEN    FILE_NAME_MAXLEN     (128 previously)
and remove duplicates.
- In tickr_feedpicker.c, add:
    if (IS_FLIST(flist_bak))
      ( f_list_free_all(flist_bak); )
to fix: list crash (f_list_free_all(): Invalid node in list) after adding a feed to an empty list (when clicking OK).
- Rename (#define RESOURCE_DUMP) APP_CMD"-resrc-dump" -> APP_CMD"-resrc-dump.xml" (because it *is* an XML file.)
- Little changes in big_error() text.

Tickr-0.6.2 in Ubuntu backports (universe)

Aug 10, 2012 -

Tickr-0.6.2 in Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal (universe)

Jul 20, 2012 -

Tickr-0.6.2 in Debian experimental (as Wheezy is now frozen)

Jul 19, 2012 -

- Note: This version is in Debian experimental not because it's buggy or unstable, but because of the freeze period.

Tickr-0.6.2 released

Jul 15, 2012 - Upstream package uploaded to Debian/Ubuntu i386 and Windows 32-bit binary packages available. (More formats should follow soon ...)

New features and bug fixes:

- Non standard feed rank support in OPML file.
- Add new optional 'feed re-ordering by user' feature.
- Add in libetm-0.4.4/str_mem.c/h: (int) str_is_num(const char *) and (int) str_is_blank(const char *).
- In feed picker win, 'enter' in (rank_/url_)entry launches 'add/upd' (GTK_RESPONSE_ADD) instead of 'ok (single)' (GTK_RESPONSE_SINGLE).
- Question at program start-up about new feed list format conversion: if version = 0.6.2 and feed list exists and feed list backup doesn't exist, create backup and convert to new format.
- In tickr_feedpicker.c: fix 'cancel' action.
- New func FList *f_list_clone(FList *) in tickr_list/c/h.
- In compute_surface_and_win(), remove:
  if (prm->icon_in_taskbar == 'n')
from update_win_dims() (why was it there?) to fix 'tickr keeps stealing focus' bug. Also replace params_have_been_changed() with win_params_have_been_changed().
- Fix (regression bug) segfault which occurs when opening text file and attempting to 'format_resource()' 'not-generated-if-resource is-file' XML_DUMP_EXTRA file.
- Libetm version 0.4.3 -> 0.4.4 (see below.)
- Add get_appdata-dir_w() in libetm-0.4.4:win32_specific.c and get_appdata_dir_utf8() in tickr_resource.c to fix non-ascii (for instance cyrillic) user name in app data dir issue on win32. Also remove seemingly useless g_win32_locale_filename_from_utf8() stuff on win32.
- If 'item title' and 'item description' both unchecked in pref win, warn about 'pointless' setup and ask for confirmation before saving config.
- Add new TickerEnv member (int) mouse_x_in_drwa used to continuously tracks (guess what?) mouse x position. Now we have:
  - tooltips with descriptions when ticker displays only titles
  - tooltips with titles when ticker displays only descriptions.
- Add fp_extra stuff in tickr_feedparser.c to get item titles / descriptions (in tooltips and others) when they are no displayed.
- Remove tmp files when exiting tickr_resource.c:format_resource().
- Add env->c_surf test in shift2left_callback().

Tickr-0.6.1 in Debian Wheezy (testing)

Jun 16, 2012 -

Tickr-0.6.1 in Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal (universe)

Jun 8, 2012 -

Tickr-0.6.1 in Debian Sid (unstable)

Jun 5, 2012 -

Tickr-0.6.1 released

Jun 4, 2012 - Upstream package uploaded to Debian/Ubuntu i386, rpm i386 and Windows 32-bit binary packages available. (More formats should follow soon ...)

New features and bug fixes:

- Add: 'quick setup' thing (in tickr_quicksetup.c) which is launched at program startup if config file doesn't exist.
- Little improvements in layout of 'feed picker win' and 'preferences win'.
- Fix a segfault that happens when trying to export params and no config file exists yet.
- Make several windows that should not be resized by user, unresizable.
- Fix Launchpad bug #1007346: When 'window always-on-top' is disabled, 'visible on all user desktops' stops working.
- If mouse wheel scrolling applies to speed (or feed), then Ctrl + mouse wheel scrolling applies to feed (or speed.)
- Update tickr_helptext.c and tickr.1 (man page.)
- Add new cli option 'no-ui' (similar to 'instance-id') used by new IF_UI_ALLOWED macro and remove all #if USE_GUI occurences.
- In tickr_list.c, free listfname before using it. Fixed by swapping 2 lines:
warning(FALSE, 4, "Can't save URL list ", listfname, ...);
- Use/add
#define FONT_MAXLEN 68
to replace a few 'magic' numeric values.
- Rename: rss_title/description(_delimiter) -> item_title/description(_delimiter) then add new param: feed_title(_delimiter). Now we have: feed title / item title / item description.
- Use table in resource properties window.
- Fix a bug in f_list_load_from_file() in tickr_list.c which incorrectly retrieves any feed title string containing TITLE_TAG_CHAR when TITLE_TAG_CHAR has not been removed from string first, for instance:
'NYT > World' -> ' World'.
- New param: disable left-click.
- Add 'check for updates' feature.
- Launch 'import OPML file' if feed list doesn't exist.
- Remove code changing get_params()->disable_popups value in
macros which prevents this setting to be saved and add
new macros. Which ones to use depends on context.
- Move:
#ifdef G_OS_WIN32
extern FILE *stdout_fp, *stderr_fp;
from *.c into tickr.h.
- Default always-on-top setting changed to 'n' (so that tickr is not intrusive by default.)

Tickr-0.6.0 in Debian Wheezy (testing)

Mar 22, 2012 -

Tickr-0.6.0 in Ubuntu Precise Pangolin (universe)

Mar 14, 2012 -

Tickr-0.6.0 in Debian Sid (unstable)

Mar 11, 2012 -

Tickr-0.6.0 released

Mar 7, 2012 - Upstream package uploaded to Debian/Ubuntu i386, rpm i386 and Windows 32-bit binary packages available. (More formats should follow soon ...)

New features and bug fixes:

- Complete quick_feed_picker() stuff in tickr_quickfeedpicker.c.
- Swap win32 log files every hour to prevent generating huge ones. Finally fix an old bug on win32.
- Several little improvements/fixes in tickr_feedpicker.c.
- New type FList (feed doubly-linked list) and associated functions f_list_*() in tickr_list.c. Will replace confusing: char url_array[] / char *p_url[] / char **p_url stuff in: tickr_main.c, tickr_feedpicker.c, tickr_opml.c and tickr_resource.c.
- Renaming 2 src files: - tickr_rss.c -> tickr_feedparser.c - tickr_rsswin.c -> tickr_feedpicker.c
- Add new func: win_with_progress_bar() (in tickr_otherwins.c) and use it in feed list import thing (in tickr_opml.c) instead of not-spinning-as-expected win_with_spinner().
- When opening the feed picker dialog, highlight and scroll to current feed, plus several extra fixes and tweaks (in tickr_rsswin.c.)
- Add new func: highlight_and_go_to_row() (in tickr_quickfeedpicker.c.)
- Add new func: get_feed_index_in_selection() (in tickr_resource.c.)
- Add new module and func: tickr_quickfeedpicker.c: quick_feed_picker().
- Add new func: question_win_at().
- Move 'Import/Export Preferences' from 'File' to 'Edit' in menu layout.
- Check/improve tickr_socket.c code and move typedefs, prototypes, error codes, ... for tickr_socket.c into tickr_socket.h for modularity sake.
- Pause tickr (on mouse-over AND) when popup menu is opened.
- Change big_error() function (and prototype in libetm-0-4.3) to handle variable number of args / change warning() the same way.
- Add new func: try_str_to_utf8() in tickr_rss.c -> try to fix string when utf-8 validation fails.
- Add new func: remove_trailing_whitespaces_from_str(char *) in libetm-0.4.3/str_mem.c.
- Change main window title: 'app name and version num | feed title / file name' -> 'feed title / file name | app name and version num'
- In libetm-0.4.3: - Compile with win32_specific.c only on win32 (fix empty unit warning.) - get_libetm_version() (function name modified.)
- Fix a typo in debian/control Build-Depends: 'debhelper (>= 7.O.50~)' instead of 'debhelper (>= 7.0.50~)' which only shows up when trying to build for Lucid.
- Split tickr_http.c into tickr_http.c and tickr_socket.c.
- libetm-0.4.2 -> libetm-0.4.3: Replace KB, MB, GB, TB with KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB.

Tickr-0.5.5 in Ubuntu backports for Oneiric, Natty and Maverick

Jan 4, 2012 -

Tickr-0.5.5 in Debian Wheezy (testing) and in Ubuntu Precise Pangolin (universe)

Dec 29, 2011 - Package migrated from unstable.


Tickr-0.5.5 in Debian Sid (unstable)

Dec 18, 2011 - Windows version released too.

New features and bug fixes:

- Implement new paramater <mouse wheel scrolling apply to: s = ticker-speed / f = feed-in-list / n = none>.
- Set <ticker pause on mouse-over> as optional.
- Select/highlight and scroll to added URL in the list window.
- Split compute_surface_and_win() code into compute_surface and compute_win, because the later is not always necessary. When window-always-on-top is disabled, compute_win needs to be run only twice at program startup (ie once after gtk_widget_show_all() has been called), then whenever params are changed, but not every time a new feed is loaded (this is to fix an issue with Unity on Ubuntu.)
- Add preferences (settings) importing/exporting feature.
- 'file' scheme support added in tickr_http.c -> enables reading *and* xml-processing of (local) text files (wheras 'open text file' *only* read them.)
- 'HTTPS not supported' handling/warning added in tickr_http.c (fix bug: program freezes with HTTP redirects to HTTPS.)
- xml 'quick check' in tickr_http.c:format_quick_check() don't reject anymore valid (?) feeds not starting with '<?xml' (like google news.)
- A few little changes in libetm-0.4 -> libetm-0.4.2.
- Use mouse wheel to go to previous/next feed (would it be better to do: speed up/down?)
- Hide passwords in connection settings window.
- Pause ticker and show feed title in tooltip on mouse-over.
- Renaming all source files: news_*.c/h -> tickr_*/c/h.

Tickr-0.5.4 in Ubuntu backports for Oneiric and Natty

Nov 28, 2011 -

Tickr-0.5.4 in Debian Wheezy (testing)

Nov 21, 2011 - Package migrated from unstable.

Tickr-0.5.4 in Ubuntu Precise Pangolin (universe)

Nov 15, 2011 -

Tickr-0.5.4 for Windows released

Nov 10, 2011 - Several bug fixes: See Debian version (below).

Tickr-0.5.4 in Debian Sid (unstable)

Nov 10, 2011 - Several bug fixes:

- Fix sort_url_list(EMPTY_LIST) falsly returning one element list (in news_list.c.) Now, program doesn't hang anymore if lauched with no feed URLs selected.
- Add in news_main.c: shift2left_callback(): env->suspend_rq = TRUE / (cairo drawing code) / env->suspend_rq = FALSE
- Tickr fails to build with ld --as-needed (recently-set-as-default linker flag) because libraries must be placed after objects needing theirs symbols. To fix that, we use autoconf macro PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GTK2, gtk+-2.0, ,) and PKG_CHECK_MODULES(XML2, libxml-2.0, ,) in, and we may so remove `pkg-config --libs GTK+-2.0' and `xml-config --libs' from src/tickr/

Tickr-0.5.3 in Debian Wheezy (testing)

Oct 3, 2011 - Package migrated from unstable.

Tickr-0.5.3 in Debian Sid (unstable)

Sept 10, 2011 - Package uploaded thanks to Debian Developer Luca Falavigna.

Upstrean package uploaded to

Aug 19, 2011 - New name and version number for Debian: TICKR version O.5.3-1.

News-0.5.3~beta1 released

Aug 12, 2011 - New features added:

- Prevent connection settings window from showing when popups are disabled.

News-0.5.2 released

Aug 11, 2011 - New features added:

- Add option to disable warning/error popup windows.
- See also beta versions.

News-0.5.2~beta4 released

Aug 5, 2011 - New features added:

- Enable optional switch to single selection mode after N connection attempts failed.

News-0.5.2~beta3 released

Aug 4, 2011 - New features added:

- Add missing env->stream_fully_read flag which is set/checked in render_stream_to_surface() and shift2left_callback() and used in multiple selections mode.
- Stuff from auth/proxy structs (but passwords) is loaded/saved as params in config file and accessible from cli.
- "Translate" all html entities.

News-0.5.1 released

Jul 29, 2011 - New features added:

- Implement HTTP basic authentication and proxy support.
- URL max length is now 2047.
- Fix bug in URL list (removing URL not working properly.)
- Mini HTTP client implementation.
- Add 'Select/Unselect All' buttons in feed picker window.
- Add 'read n items max per feed' new parameter.
- Add 'set all text to upper case' new parameter.

News-0.5.0 released

May 30, 2011 - Fix ticker area incorrect width when clock is set to left.
New features added: See beta versions.

News-0.5.0~beta4 released

May 29, 2011 - New features added:

- Implement Atom format support.

News-0.5.0~beta3 released

May 26, 2011 - New features added:

- Implement multiple selections.
- Fix 'Bottom' button behaviour (win_y) in preferences window.
- Use Cairo image surfaces instead of GDK pixmaps and cairo functions instead of deprecated gdk_draw_ ones. This enables independent color alpha channel (transparency) for text / background (only for Linux version.)
- 'OK' button in preferences window misleadingly doesn't save -> 'Save' button removed, 'OK' button also saves.

News-0.4.7 released

May 8, 2011 - New features added: See beta versions.

News-0.4.7~beta5 released

Apr 11, 2011 - New features added:

- Implement importing/exporting URL list in OPML format.
- Add resource properties window.

News-0.4.7~beta3 released

Apr 3, 2011 - New features added / bug fixes:

- Implement 'icon in taskbar' and 'ticker visible on all desktops' new parameters.
- Now return all libxml2 error messages.
- UTF-8 encoding stuff check / code rewriting.
- Meaningful error messages instead of 'error code n' reported after parsing XML file not in RSS 2 format.
- Fix window transparency bug: transparency value falsly reported as invalid when set to 10 (so not used.)

News is now available from the Ubuntu Software Center

Apr 2, 2011 - In section 'Independent', package: news-0.4.6-0extras10.10.1.

News-0.4.6 released

Feb 9, 2011 - New features added: See beta versions.

News has just been approved by the Ubuntu Application Review Board and will be available in the Ubuntu Software Center soon.

News-0.4.6~beta4-win32 released

Feb 6, 2011 - Fix oddly working refresh feature.

News-0.4.6~beta3 released

Jan 26, 2011 - New features added:

- New default values for parameters.
- Root menu label [?] replaced by 'right-click-to-open-menu' functionality.
- 'Use system colors' option.
- 'Full width' button.
- 'Move to Top/Bottom' buttons.
- More explicit error message when 'Open in Browser' string is empty.
- Info window if no link is available.
- Use sample url list if no one has been saved yet.

News-0.4.5 released

Jan 17, 2011 - New features added:

- Implement html tags stripping option.
- Now, you can download News binary and sources debian packages from my Launchpad PPA.

News-0.4.4 released

Nov 28, 2010 - New features added: Implement top window transparency parameter.

News-0.4.3 released

Nov 20, 2010 - New features added:

- You can set different instance ids when launching several instances of the app simultaneously, each instance using its own config and dump files.
- News is now released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

News-0.4.2 released

Nov 9, 2010 - One issue about Windows version stability finally fixed:

The win32 version now uses a patched version of glib-2.26.0-win32 which implements using timeGetTime() instead of GetSystemTimeAsFile(). As timeGetTime() uses windows multimedia high resolution timers, this pushes highest resolution of g_timeout_add_*() functions from about 16 ms to 1 ms. So, resolutions of g_timeout_add_*() functions are now similar on both platforms, and this allows us to use GTK-win32 timeout stuff instead of threads (the former 16 ms limit meant a ***very slow*** scrolling and calling GTK functions from several threads which is, on win32, definitely ***not*** recommended.) Finally, the app is now ***fast and totally stable*** on Windows (as it is on Linux.)

News-0.4.1 released

Oct 27, 2010 - Fix a thread-related bug in the win32 version.

News-0.4.0 released

Sep 16, 2010 - New features added:

- Speed up or down scrolling on the fly.
- Feed Title in main window and Feed Picker window.
- Online Help.
- Parts of code have been fully rewritten.

News0.4.0-beta released

Aug 28, 2010 - New features added: See stable version.

News-0.3.2 released

Apr 30, 2010 - New features added: Automatically find default browser (for the win32 version) and set parameter accordingly. Fix a few bugs.

News-0.3.1 released

Mar 17, 2010 - Fix a bug in 'Open in Browser' (sometimes didn't open the right link.)

News-0.3.0 released

Mar 6, 2010 - This includes Windows and Linux versions.

New features added: Browser support: clicking on text inside the ticker will open link in your favourite browser.

News-0.3.0-beta-linux released

Feb 27, 2010 - New features added: See stable version.

News-0.2.1-win32 released

Feb 12, 2010 - Win32 port of the Linux version.